How the New Batman/Superman Movie Should Begin

So I am of the half of the people who actually really loved the new Man of Steel movie. However I do agree with the complaint a majority of people seem to have, the crazy amount of destruction that happened in the fight with Zod was a little over the top. But with the announcement of the Batman/Superman movie I think it all makes sense. In MoS Superman wasn’t sure how to truly manage his power, and because of that he ended up pretty much destroying Metropolis in his fight. Well I doubt that is something that Batman would take very lightly sitting over in Gotham. In the comics it is well documented that Batman thinks Superman is potentially very dangerous (this is why he had the contingency plans that caused all the events in JLA: Tower of Babel). I think that Zack Snyder, if he is smart, will use a confrontation between Batman and Superman to address the issue. I see Batman going into Metropolis to find out more about the alien, he confronts Clark and gives him a “great power = great responsibility” talk and basically tells him to stop being so sloppy. That moment would allow the filmmakers to correct the main complaint with the MoS movie without messing with the universe created by the movie, as well as giving a plausible bridge for Batman’s entrance into this film universe. Just a fanboy’s humble opinion.