Tablet Takeover, More Than 1 in 3 Americans Own a Tablet Computer

The speed at which a technology can become ubiquitous is sometimes utterly astounding. According to a recent report, over a third of Americans now own tablets, and that number is only going to rise.  Among consumers aged 18 to 34, tablet ownership is even more common, with over half of Americans in this key demographic owning a tablet. What began as an Apple revolution has blossomed with competition furiously keeping pace, as Android-based devices now account for 59% of tablets sold. Even more impressive is according to the report, 68% of US adults plan to purchase a tablet computer at some point in the future.  These increases fall in line with a number of major consumer tech trends; namely the continued mobilization of technology.


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Apple Scores Big with iOS 7, ‘Biggest Change Since the Original iPhone’

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 4.16.32 PM

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference has become an annual attraction, as it typically is the platform through which Apple announces its biggest and most innovative products. This year’s conference was no different. As with most years the rumors prior to the conference were rampant with most people expecting the announcement of a massively overhauled iOS 7, those who were waiting got what they hoped for.

Apple CEO Tim Cook called iOS 7 the “biggest change to iOS since the debut of the iPhone” and based on what we saw that doesn’t seem like a big stretch. The new iOS is headlined by a completely redesigned UI, featuring a new flat design, grid, 3D layers, and gestures.

As you can see the new UI creates a 3D like effect.

Overall the new UI is undeniably gorgeous and really takes the iPhone to the next level, as aesthetically the old iOS was beginning to look stale against its Android and Windows phone competitors. Perhaps the most elegant element of the new system is its responsiveness. For example, using the phone’s accelerometer iOS 7 is able to adapt the screen in parallax, achieving as designer Jony Ive claims, “new types of depth.”

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