Baron Davis Abducted by Aliens?!

Mark this one down in the WTF category. Apparently two weeks ago Baron Davis was abducted by aliens. I will say that again, the former UCLA star, 2-time NBA All-Star, 4 time NBA eating team champion Baron Davis said, to interviewers, that he was abducted by aliens two weeks ago. I’m gonna let that sink in for a second while you come up with your own Space Jam joke.

Davis, in a hilarious profanity ridden dead pan, recalls how he was driving back from Las Vegas “a little tired” when all of a sudden he was being poked and prodded (probed?) by “these crazy looking people”.

Eventually Davis finds himself back in Montebello, California not knowing exactly why he was driving there. Perhaps sensing Mulder and Scully closing in Davis backed off his “abduction” claim a little near the end of the interview:

“I don’t think it was an abduction, dude — I think that they were, like … because now, like, I come back and, like, I’m, like, sharper and shit, you know what I mean?” Davis said. “Like, I’m retaining information.”

“I’m like sharper and shit” Yeah ok BD, sure. This story is so ridiculous it has to be some kind of inside joke. But then again Davis is known for being a little strange. Either way this story made me laugh hard enough to write a whole post about it. Check out the whole interview below, its well worth the listen: