About Me

Who are you?

I’m just some guy… ya know?

I’m a student at Stetson University studying Communications and Marketing. I have a lust for the creative, and a love for life. I enjoy finding humor in simple things, and have what some may deem an unhealthy obsession with pop culture, something that will be very evident in my writing.

 Why finally start a blog?

I have been writing blog posts for different companies and I realized that there is a lot more random crap I would love to write about. Plus my attention span doesn’t really hold that long so I figured a blog with no definable subject would allow for the creative rantings to flow. Oh, plus I can curse now too. Fuck, shit, ass, balls, tittys… that was fun!

So what will this blog be about?

 Nothing really. One day I might write something serious about a particular topic that really got me fired up (SOPA/PIPA, PRISM, that kinda thing) and then the next I might write about who would win in a fight between Green Lantern and Batman (Batman for sure, if given prep time) its really going to be a grab bag of stuff from my head.

Why should I read it?

Honestly I could give less of a fuck if you do or not. I like to fashion myself a decent writer with a good sense of humor, but hey maybe that isn’t your thing. But in all seriousness, this will be a blog that lets me be unabashedly me, and well that can be entertaining.

How often will you post?

As of right now, probably as often as pieces I write for work get turned down… kidding. Honestly I don’t have any set posting schedule as of now, but ideally I would love to post at least once a week. But that’s what I told my journal when I started that experiment, seven years later and I haven’t written a second entry. Here’s to me promising not to do that again.

Will I be offended?

Probably at some point.

Will I care?

Hopefully not, unless you have no sense of humor, in which case… maybe.



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