Sell me this USB stick



It’s about that time of year where graduates across the country, like myself, are out making their first foray into the ‘real world.’ It’s a time of transition that, at times, feels like treading water. So how does one break the monotony of endless searches on LinkedIn and company research? Well besides doing whatever it is that you like to do in your free time, you could also begin taking some proactive steps towards achieving the career you are looking for. Why listen to me, you might ask, you are in the same boat as I am. You would be right there, but you should listen to me because I know how good it feels to make progress, even if that progress is tied up in a non success.

A couple days ago I was browsing the /r/forhire section of reddit when I came across a posting asking for someone to do some freelance Copywriting work. Knowing in the back of my head that I was looking at many similar positions I figured it would be prudent to at least attempt to submit something – you can’t succeed at what you don’t try. The assignment was to write some copy for a simple USB stick, like the one pictured, which was to be sold as an advertising specialty. We were supposed to also come up with a name for the product as well. If you know me, you know I love to inject a little humor into things and try to have fun with them. The design of the USB stick reminded me of what I tend to use that particular style for most, nervous fidgeting, something I decided to include as imagry in the copy I wrote. Below is what I submitted:

Product Name: The Flippy Stick


“Flexible, Strong, Efficient” these three words are likely descriptors of your company, so shouldn’t your advertising specialties reflect that as well? The Flippy Stick stands at the pinnacle of USB storage stick technology, with a sleek, modern design and bold, bright colors which help it stand out from the competition ensuring that your flash drive will be the one that potential clients fidget with during the trade show. Like your company or brand, the Flippy Stick will stand above the competition with its attractive design, remain strong in the face of adversity (read: washing machines), and with its capless design, remain the most efficient product on the market. When choosing an advertising speciality, remember, size does matter.

Now I should go ahead and say here I received a quick response that the company had, unfortunately, already filled the position. But nonetheless there was a sense of accomplishment that came with actually taking some steps forward and garnering some work experience even if it was miniscule. I guess the point here is that you shouldn’t be afraid to start working before you are hired. If you want to do something, go ahead and do it, and I promise people will appreciate your ‘proactiveness.’ Don’t be afraid to take risks, be it putting yourself out there with freelance work, or trying to reach out to the CEO at that company you really want to work for, you might find that your precociousness is eventually rewarded.