How the New Batman/Superman Movie Should Begin

So I am of the half of the people who actually really loved the new Man of Steel movie. However I do agree with the complaint a majority of people seem to have, the crazy amount of destruction that happened in the fight with Zod was a little over the top. But with the announcement of the Batman/Superman movie I think it all makes sense. In MoS Superman wasn’t sure how to truly manage his power, and because of that he ended up pretty much destroying Metropolis in his fight. Well I doubt that is something that Batman would take very lightly sitting over in Gotham. In the comics it is well documented that Batman thinks Superman is potentially very dangerous (this is why he had the contingency plans that caused all the events in JLA: Tower of Babel). I think that Zack Snyder, if he is smart, will use a confrontation between Batman and Superman to address the issue. I see Batman going into Metropolis to find out more about the alien, he confronts Clark and gives him a “great power = great responsibility” talk and basically tells him to stop being so sloppy. That moment would allow the filmmakers to correct the main complaint with the MoS movie without messing with the universe created by the movie, as well as giving a plausible bridge for Batman’s entrance into this film universe. Just a fanboy’s humble opinion.


7 thoughts on “How the New Batman/Superman Movie Should Begin

  1. Leomentheus says:

    **NOTE: Snyder has stated that they will be borrowing elements from The Dark Knight Returns for the movie, so I based my treatment heavily on that storyline.**

    **Before I begin, I must mention that Bruce is 40 years old in The Dark Knight Rises, which takes place in 2016. I was told that Man of Steel takes place in 2013 (unsure of Superman’s age), but I believe they could easily retcon that date and move the film to 2023 (read on to find out why that is necessary.) Alright, so here it is. This is how I imagine the BvS movie should play out while allowing Nolan’s trilogy to still fit in. Let me know what you think.**

    After Superman’s battle with Zod, Metropolis is not only in ruins, but starting to show signs of a slow but sure nuclear winter. Analysts predict the terraforming machine caused this, and concerns are rising as the entire U.S. is slowly enveloped by the apocalypse. Looters run amok, crime is rampant, and the U.S. is struggling to hold it’s image in the international scene. Lex Luthor blames this on Superman, brainwashing Americans into hating Supes, creating riots whenever he is spotted. The government tells him to lie low because of this. Meanwhile, retired, 50-year-old Bruce Wayne watches the chaos unfold in front of him.

    He is forced to don the cape once again, as Robin/Nightwing/Skinny Batman (Joseph-Gorden Levitt), has formed the Teen Titans, located in Somewherefarawayland (Titans movie!). Bruce begins to restore order to Gotham. However, this awakens the Joker from a catatonic state in Arkham, as he was ever since he entered. After convincing officials he is now sane, he is released, and begins an anonymous killing spree. Batman finally meets the Joker, and after being stabbed repeatedly, is forced to break his neck. Bruce does this so he does not kill the man, but the Joker snaps his own neck, framing Batman for murder. This puts all the deaths under Batman’s name, making the general public also hate and fear him (Incredibles-esque, eh?). The U.S. tasks Superman to kill the Bat. This will Rocket Supes’ popularity and make him a “hero”. Seeing as Supes is the governments ally, restoring the glory to him is a win for them. However, Supes is conflicted because he vowed never to kill again, but at the same time, cannot let this madman continue his rampage. Oliver Queen (Green Arrow, Stephen Amell IRL), who is a friend of Bats, warns him of the U.S.’s plans.

    Bruce already has a personal distaste of Superman. In his eyes, this alien destroyed Metropolis and committed murder. He’s no good. So, when Supes tries to reason with Bats in Gotham, Bruce brings along an exosuit he had been developing for years, along with other gadgets and a strange pill, to give him equal footing when he attacks Superman **(THIS IS THE CLIMAX OF THE MOVIE.)** Although Supes is also weak from flying through the terraforming machine in MoS 1, he still manages to overtake Batman, but just before Arrow appears and shoots him with a kryptonite-tipped arrow. However, Batman immediately dies from a heart attack, due to the exertion from his suit. Superman uses this distraction to escape. Meanwhile, a very old Lucious Fox detonates a bomb that destroys Wayne Manor and the Batcave, which was planned by him and Bruce. It then becomes public knowledge that Bruce Wanye was Batman, however all of Wayne Enterprises cash has been withdrawn and its stocks sold.

    Bruce’s body is claimed by a “distant relative” (Oliver Queen), and a funeral takes place, in which Clark Kent shows up. You hear a faint heartbeat, showing Clark puzzled. He then looks over to Oliver, smiles, and nods. Oliver nods back. Later that knight (haha pun), Oliver is shown digging Bruce’s coffin out of the ground, and helping Bruce to his feet. He had swallowed the pill he brought to the fight, which put him into a “death state”. He and Oliver walk through the tunnels beyond the Batcave, where Superman is seen standing. Cut to a scene of Luthor making a deal (Superman has joined Batman and turned evil! we must stop him) with the President and the General from the first movie, and BAM, you’re set for a Justice League movie.

    • Dude, I simultaneously love and hate this idea. I love it because it is a brilliant plot and I can truly seeing it play out like that in a Nolan universe. My only problems with this is (a) the Nolan universe is over, and I think this is for the best, I can’t say that I love the state the last film left Batman in. While I would applaud and love a “elder-statesmen” BvS movie a-la Frank Miller I just don’t see that being profitable nor do I see it easily leading up to the Justice League movie, because no one wants old man Batman as one of the cornerstones of the League. I also, for the sake of the common fan, don’t see them putting the cowl on anyone other than Bruce Wayne. The common fan doesn’t really know, for example, Damian Wayne (which would be an interesting storyline) so I think you have to stick with Bruce, meaning you need to reboot the character. Frankly I would love to see him redone with even more of a detective vein to his character, perhaps have him played similar to how he was in Arkham City? Thoughts?

      • Leomentheus says:

        See, an old Bats would still work, because they can’t showcase him fighting. He needs to be an intellectual, a detective (as you said). He wont be in the forefront of the action with the rest of the JLA. Recognizing that, it makes perfect sense to combine the universes. Not to mention, 50-years-old isn’t THAT old… I think it’s just the right age for a JL Batman, actually. Not an elder, but still an overwhelming amount of experience under his belt.

      • Ok good point, but I still think that general audiences will complain if Batman is too old. I mean one of the biggest complaints that I hear about TKDR is that “Batman was a pussy” and I mean while thats obviously not true an older Batman makes it harder to believe that he can keep up with the bad guys in combat. I would go either one of two ways, either a younger, slightly less controlled Batman like Arkham Origins, or an in his prime Batman (around 40 years old).

        EDIT: Also I think there needs to be heavy emphasis placed on making sure it is known this is a universe in which there are many superheroes. I know I would love to see as many super hero cameos as possible. (I really just want Flash, GL, and most definitely the Martian Manhunter.)

  2. My thinking was that Bruce/Batman would side with Lex in rebuilding the city and being distrustful of Superman the “alien” until he learns the true nature of Lex and Superman. Manifest in the before and after can be a fight with Superman and then working with him.

  3. I disagree with going the old Batman route. Whichever actor plays Batman will age soon enough as it is, that’s why we have to keep rebooting these franchises.

    I think the best route to go is with a typical buddy cop format, They meet and don’t like each other because they’re very different types. They get involved in various situations against the big bad and get a chance to rescue each other at various points in the story, and they learn to to respect each other and their differing methods and personalities ending in a car chase or something.

    In any case, since Superman is… super, and Batman is mere mortal, they need to highlight the advantage Batman brings to the ensemble, mainly his intellect (although the power his money brings is a power that Superman doesn’t have). In order to justify Superman needing Batman, Batman has to be several moves ahead of Superman and best him.

    As far as the villain goes, sheesh enough with the Lex Luthor. How about Vandal Savage?

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